UTA Karate Manchester
York County’s Premiere Martial Arts Center

UTA Karate Manchester
York County’s Premiere Martial Arts Centers


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Ages 3 1/2 to 5

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United Tang Soo Do Alliance ("UTA") located in Central Pennsylvania has a modern approach to a traditional martial art with the Korean style of Tang Soo Do as its core. UTA Karate has an evolving curriculum with elements from Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Modern Arnis and other fighting disciplines. UTA Karate curriculum is designed to provide a fun, yet disciplined, learning environment, along with long and short-term goals. Our unique approach to teaching will help students improve and learn respect, concentration, perseverance, self-confidence physical health.

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Grand Master George Klinedinst

Grand Master George Klinedinst started his training in the martial arts in York Pennsylvania in 1981. GM Klinedinst’s areas of influence are Tang Soo Do, Modern Arnis (Phillipine Martial art founded by the Late Professor Remy Presas), Small Circle Juijitsu, Hai dung Gumdo, and Hapkido. GM Klinedinst’s major areas of interest are self-defense and weapons training. GM Klinedinst Has been teaching at his studio in Manchester, PA since 1995. Master Klinedinst continues to train, teach and grow as a martial artist and takes great pride in the positive influence martial arts has on his students.


I'm a teacher and very picky about who has an influence on my children and have no problem recommending UTA Karate Manchester to anyone!

Katie B.

Under the instruction of Master Klinedinst my son has gained a lot of self-confidence. He is more attentive in school and he has learned to respect his peers as well as his parents. I recently started attending classes as an adult for the physical fitness and self-defense that only martial art training can provide.

Danyale R.

Master K is awesome with the kids. His teaching skills are strict but kid friendly. In just a few months he has changed my son's focus to a positive and structured one. I highly recommend UTA Karate for either a child or adult.

Heather F.

Chase has learned so much and has come such a long way in not even 1 year!!! Great instructors!

Tisha S.

The confidence I see in my daughter after 5 and a half years is amazing!

Kathy K.

I think this place is Awesome for kids and Adults my son Eric comes here he loves it good discipline for kids of any age and the Instructors are top Notch thanks for everything you do for my son

Dirk H.

Master Klinedinst not only encourages the children while being firm and requiring high standards, but shows genuine interest in them as human beings.

Katie B.