I recommend that you visit martial arts studios in your area and observe several classes. Talk to the students and parents to see what they like about class. Are the students enjoying themselves? Does the instructor seem to have the students’ best interest at hand? Is the instructor mean? Does the instructor practice what they preach? It is very easy to stand in front of a room full of students and say you should not do this and that. Do your research! I would recommend going as far as doing a criminal background check on the instructors at the studio. After all, you are entrusting yourself and your children with this instructor for guidance. Do you know them? The martial arts are a valuable gift for you and/or your loved one. Do your research!

UTA Karate Manchester is located in York County approximately 6 miles North of York, PA on George St. Ext. Click here for map

Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) is a traditional martial art formed in Korea by the late Grandmaster Hwang Kee after the Japanese occupation of Korea was lifted following World War II.

UTA Karate Manchester offers classes designed for all age groups. For students ages 3½ to 6 we offer our Lil’ Dragon program, which is designed to acclimate the younger student to martial arts. Children ages 6 to 13 are entered into our traditional UTA Karate Children's program. These classes are designed to teach children self-defense, self-confidence, discipline, and an “I can do it” attitude. For students 14 and older, we offer our adult traditional UTA Karate martial arts program. This class is geared toward offering the best self-defense, as well as physical fitness, and the general benefits gained when students train in martial arts. We also offer programs for the whole family.

United Tang Soo Do Alliance ("UTA") located in York County, Pennsylvania, has a modern approach to a traditional martial art with the Korean style of Tang Soo Do as a core. UTA Karate has an evolving curriculum with elements from Judo, Hapkido and other fighting disciplines. UTA Karate systems are designed to provide a fun, yet disciplined, learning environment. The UTA Karate curriculum, along with long and short-term goals, will help students improve and learn respect, concentration, perseverance, self-confidence, physical and mental health. 

“Tang” refers to the Tang Dynasty of China (617-909 AD). “Soo” means hand, but implies fist, punch, strike, or defense, etc. “Do” means way of life. Therefore, Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean marital art, which was influenced by the Tang Dynasty that stresses the growth of character in an individual. The philosophy of Tang Soo Do is that through physical exercise, we not only strengthen the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Drawing influences from Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu, Okinawan Karate and Korean Tae kyun Tang Soo Do is a complete art. While known for its high kicks, Tang Soo Do also uses punches, joint locks and weapons. All Tang Soo Do techniques are based on the principles on yielding, circular motion and penetration.