About Us

In the UTA traditional program we offer our separate Lil’ Dragon, child and adult classes as well as family classes. With each class having a different approach toward the training, geared toward their needs. The child’s classes are uniquely designed to develop positive character in a fun yet disciplined environment all while teaching practical self-defense. The adult program offers an environment where you will learn realistic self-defense skills and you will learn to think and react in a way that will give you the ability and confidence to realize what you are truly capable of achieving. Family classes offer a chance for moms and dads to enjoy the benefits of UTA Karate training together.

The United Tang Soo Do Alliance (UTA) would like to invite you to become part of our Martial Arts family. Your Tang Soo Do training will benefit you in many different ways. The benefits include confidence, coordination, flexibility, balance, self-defense. When Training in the martial arts, it is important to remember to be patient with yourself and always try to keep a positive attitude. Because of the many benefits available in the martial arts training, no two students journeys are identical. We like to call this aspect of training the mission of self-discovery. This is one of the reasons martial artists consider their training a way of life. We truly hope you choose UTA as your approach to studying the martial arts. The founders and masters of the UTA are dedicated to your progress and are here to give you guidance and the support you need to help reach your full potential.


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Grand Master George Klinedinst

Grand Master George Klinedinst started his training in the martial arts in York Pennsylvania in 1981. GM Klinedinst’s areas of influence are Tang Soo Do, Modern Arnis (Phillipine Martial art founded by the Late Professor Remy Presas), Small Circle Juijitsu, Hai dung Gumdo, and Hapkido. GM Klinedinst’s major areas of interest are self-defense and weapons training. GM Klinedinst Has been teaching at his studio in Manchester, PA since 1995. Master Klinedinst continues to train, teach and grow as a martial artist and takes great pride in the positive influence martial arts has on his students.